Neptune Scooters

Providing powerful, long-lasting, safe e-scooters designed for profitable fleet operations

This is the Neptune System

The Scooter

Designed and made in California

  • 12″ wheels
  • Double brakes: electronic + hydraulic discs
  • Range > 60 miles
  • Able to take a 250lb rider up a 40% hill
  • LED lighting all round and turn signals
  • Robust and long lasting
  • Integrated lock

The Multidock

It automatically ‘parks’ the scooters in the most compact way, recharges their batteries and even sanitizes their handlebars using UV-C radiation. You will find them in strategic points such as transport hubs and business and shopping areas.

The Single Dock

These modular docks charge the scooters’ batteries in those less dense areas of our cities (yes, we mean the suburbs).

Let us explain our concept a little bit better

What can Neptune do for your city?

We have created the best shared mobility system.

Safe. Sustainable. Affordable.

Our high density Multidocks keep order where needed

For reference, this is at least 5 times more space-efficient than shared bikes docks.

The modular Single Docks are perfect for the suburbs

They keep scooters charged and secured, and don’t require any installation

What can Neptune do for my business?

Hosting one of Neptune’s automatic charging docks will ensure a higher influx of potential customers. These Multidocks are modular, can be adapted to the available space and even grow in capacity if so desired

About Neptune

Our Mission is to build the most utilized electric vehicles in the world. We love micromobility, but we believe the existing systems lack innovation and ambition. Therefore we have spent the last 2 years creating from scratch what we consider the best micromobility system available today, always with the same thought in mind: “would I use this myself?”

Who are we?


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